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Dactylcam Pro 24V

The 24v Dactylcam Pro was built incredibly simple, smart and powerful. Capable of 80 lb payloads with speeds of 30 mph with full control of power to dial in takeoff, deceleration and overall top speed. 


Programming the system is all done through the Pulse Controller which  controls power, digital end stops, take off, top speeds as well as full menu for user preferences. 

The Dactylcam Pro has multiple safety redundancies allowing the sled to safely operate over crowds, stages and extensive set design


Dactylcam is the original analog version of the Dcam Pro.  30 lb payloads w 30+ mph capabilities.

Dactylcam has a higher top speed than the pro, but has a lower payload capability

Dactylcam Lite

The smalled dactylcam of its kind D-LITE is extremely portable and lightweight - able to carry cameras in the 5 lb range (5D, A7s, GH5, ETC) 

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